Four Corners Research-Archaeology in the Mesa Verde Region

Excavation & Artifact Photographs
One of four jet rings from Sector 11 great kiva. This structure was re-roofed at least once and a new floor was added more than 20 times.  Exotic artifacts were fairly common. 
Champagne Spring Structure 35 - looking North at ongoing excavation of unusual triple central vaults
More azurite/malachite nuggets from SS-Rm 1, interesting surface structure probably associated with Great Kiva Complex on North Hill.
Deadmans Black-on-red feather box. From swale directly south of the Sector 11 great kiva and 'Morgans great house'. Mountain sheep decorate the opposite side of this vessel.
Morgan's Tower - This structure was first noted by Lewis Henry Morgan when he passed by Mitchell Springs in 1876.  Note coursed McElmo style masonry.  The tower has been badly disturbed through the years.  Architectural features suggest it may actually be a tower kiva.
Duck effigy gray ware vessels from sipapu in 2 adjacent Mitchell Springs pit structures
Cortancos Effigy fragment from 2nd Story Room 18 in Great House Pueblo A, Note man package
Effigy face with inlaid eyes and well pronounced tongue,
Polychrome Effigy face from Great House Pueblo A, Room 6
Travertine Pipe, one of two pipes left on Pitstructure 25 floor when the building was set ablaze.