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Mitchell Springs 

From about AD 500-900, The Montezuma Valley of southwestern Colorado was one of the most densely populated areas in the northern Southwest.  During the Pueblo I era, the largest populations in the northern Southwest could be found there.  After a period of outmigration beginning at the end of the 800s, population in the Valley remained low until it began to rebound after the first quarter of the 1000s.  Only a few very large sites were continuously occupied during the Basketmaker III-Pueblo III era and most of those were located near good soils,  a reliable available water source, and good resources. 

Sherds from Room 7, W side 90-110 middle fill, 10.7.22.jpg
Prudden at work.jpg

Seen in the photo above is T. Mitchell Prudden, Clayton Wetherill, and Henry Hunn working at Prudden #1 at Mitchell Springs (circa 1913).

Kiva C looking up at the masonry wall of Kiva B that was built inside the tower.JPG
Pruddens Unit.jpg

Prudden #1 at Mitchell Springs after excavation.  T. Mitchell Prudden at middle right in photo.

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